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Hi there S1!

Miss Shaw here! So, it's the first week of the Easter holidays, even though it doesn't quite feel like it since it's the third week of not being at school! How have you all been? I hope you're staying safe and keeping your brains busy! It's easy to slip out of routine so why not try and stick to a bit of a schedule that includes some of the subjects we would be learning at school- ask your family to help make one! This will make it easier when we come back to school! Although don't forget to enjoy yourselves- it is the Easter holidays after all! 

I'm so excited to hear what you guys have been doing. Have you challenged yourself to learn a new skill? I tried my hand at baking some bread  the other day. I'll be honest with you, it didn't go exactly to plan! I'll try again though and maybe even bring some to school! I've also been enjoying the sun and reading a lot! Miss Vickerman and Mrs Mann have recommended me some books to try.

I downloaded the kindle app and signed up to kindle unlimited. It is free for 3 months! You just need to remember to cancel the subscription when the time is up. There are so many books to read for free! If you'd prefer to listen to a story, you can use audible- it's also free for 30 days! 


I'm looking forward to Easter Sunday: as many of you know I have been giving up chocolate, sweets and everything nice and on Sunday I'm allowed to eat it again. Yay! I'm starting with the Easter egg from the lovely ladies from our class! Do you have any Easter plans? 

If you do want to do some learning, you could get a headstart and do some research on our next theme- The Marvellous Mayans!

This website has some fab stories- you can read The Hero Twins for free. 
You can download 'The Curse of the Jade Amulet' on kindle unlimited too. 

If you prefer to research some factual information, try

or have a look at horrible histories! Why not make some notes about your findings? Or a poster? 

Make sure you're looking after yourselves and your loved ones- I hope to see you all soon! Remember, if you want to send me a message or even a challenge you can send an email to

and it should get to me! 

Stay safe S1, 

Miss Shaw