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Hi again S1

Hello Sandhurst 1! It's Miss Shaw writing from what feels like sunny Spain but is actually her garden! I hope you are also taking advantage of this gorgeous weather, either in your garden or as part of your daily exercise. It's super important to get some fresh air and stay active! I'm doing exercise every day as I've signed up for a 21 day fitness challenge! I won't lie - it's pretty tricky and some days I have to really push myself to do it. Pawl's loving the extra walks that he's getting though! I've also taught him to 'twirl'! I'll show you a video when we're back!

Well, this would be the first week of our summer term and we would be knuckling down and preparing for our SATs tests, which would be challenging although we are definitely being tested in a different way at the moment! You will have now received your second learning from home pack, which the year 6 team and I have filled to the brim with a range of lessons and activities. We have included activities from our new theme, The Marvellous Mayans, that we would have been accessing in school. Hopefully you have already done some research on this! Make sure you do some work from the pack or online each day- this will make things easier when you go back to school! Also, please have a go at some of the online links on this website. Ben is working his socks off to stock it up! Even though you're working from home, put in 100% effort into each activity that you try!

I was lucky enough to speak to some of you and your families this week. It was lovely to hear from you and to find out how you and your families are getting on. Thank you for asking how I am too! It is so good to see some of you have already been using the 'shout-out' tab; this is such a fab way to keep in contact! I love reading them too! Please use the worry wall or the year 6 team email, which is on the newsletter, if you or any family members have any questions or if you are struggling with anything! 

Just a quick mention to Amnah for earning a mathletics certificate and Fatima for remembering the random words! Keep that memory busy and I'll give you some new words when I see you!

I've got to go for a walk now as part of my challenge but I'll speak to you again next week!

Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Miss Shaw