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Sandhurst 2 - Year 6 Dinner

Last week, we had such a positive end to the week in Sandhurst 2. We had been thinking about our aspirations for the future and how we can achieve them. The Year 6 dinner had such a 'family feel' and the children who spoke did us proud.

Here are some of our 'reach for the stars' pictures:



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Sandhurst 2 - Summer Term Excitement - Alisha and Qamar's view of the term!

It has been an incredibly busy Summer Term in Sandhurst 2! After working incredibly hard all year, the children completed their SATs in May. All of the staff in Year 6 were extremely proud of the children's exceptional efforts and perseverance and we look forward to receiving some very positive results in July (the children can't wait)! During this half-term, the children had the opportunity...

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Sandhurst 2 - Spring Term in Sandhurst 2

After a busy and exciting Autumn Term, where the children in Sandhurst 2 worked incredibly hard and made some great progress, it has been great to see the children return for the crucial Spring Term refreshed and ready to learn!


The blog for this half-term has been written by Miriam and Hanika:

This week was the best week because we were learning about persuasive writing in Literacy! We...

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Sandhurst 2 - Umair, Aliyah and Sohail's view of the week

In Sandhurst 2, we have been learning about quest stories. We were learning about and watching The Hobbit, which was really amazing! We wrote our own quest story, which is also based on the story of the Hobbit. We coloured the comic strip and created a front cover for it.


In Science, we erupted a volcano because we are currently learning about reversible and irreversible changes. We added...

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Sandhurst 2 - Welcome to Sandhurst 2

Welcome to Sandhurst 2's class blog! I'm really pleased to say that the class have had a very good first full week in Year 6! They have impressed all of the adults in class with their fantastic personification sentences to describe the weather and stunned as all with their incredible Numeracy skills! The children have also been busy creating their own designs for our classroom's Investors in...

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