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Nursery- Hello Again

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you have been having fun and staying safe at home.

It feels like such a long time since we have all been at Nursery and we miss you all lots.

We thought we would share what the grown ups in Nursery have been doing during the 'Easter Holidays.'


Miss Mckinney has been enjoying reading lots of books and baking. She made some yummy chocolate brownies.

Miss McKinney has also enjoying taking her dog, Jake for a walk everyday, to get some excercise. 


Miss Clark has been enjoying walks in the lovely sunshine and appreciating all the cherry blossom trees around where she lives.

Miss Clark has also been learning how to crochet and is attempting to make a banket, which has proven difficult. 

However, she is determined to persevere with it.


Ms Osbourne has enjoyed taking care of her house plants. She has been making sure they get penty of water to help them grow and giving them special plant food.

She also cut off all the brown, decaying leaves to make room for new, green leaves to grow in spring. 


What have you all been doing?

Please let us know by posting on Tapestry, we would love to see what you have been up to. 

Also, Please Keep checking Tapestry for your 'Weekly Learning Challenges' and lots of other posts from the Early Years Staff Team.


Stay Safe :)