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Luxor 3 - Lockdown week 4

Hello Luxor 3,

I hope you are all safe and in good health.

Its week four of the lockdown, I miss you all so much. I also miss my daily hot chocolate from the vending machine too – although Zara does make delicious hot chocolate!

I wonder what you have been up to this week? Have you been watching Newsround to keep up to date with what is happening during the lockdown? Well done to Captain Tom Moore – he has managed to raise 17 million for the NHS. Incredible! Find out who he is and what he has done to raise all this money? I think when we get back to school, we will write a letter to Captain Moore to say thank you and well done -what do you think?

Mrs Summerfield and other members of the leadership team still meet regularly to discuss what we need to do, as a school, to help you and your parents during these testing times.

We don’t know how long Britain will be on lockdown, so we will take things ‘a week at a time’. Learning packs will be delivered to you next week. There will be two weeks’ worth of learning in them – pace yourself! If you’ve forgotten your Mathletics password, you will receive this in your pack.  


Well done to the following children for achieving a bronze certificate on Mathletics:

Furhan and Sariya.

Just to let you know, I haven’t assigned any activities this week – you will receive maths learning in your packs – those of you who like extra maths activities, once you’ve completed the previous activities online, I will allocate you more. 😊

This week, twelve children have over 1000 points! I can also report seven children have over 2000 points! Amazing!


Each week I will give you a country to focus on, find out the capital city, flag, population, continent, famous people, language spoken, traditional food (why not try cooking some with your family, if you have the ingredients at home!), , famous landmarks, does it have any mountains/rivers? name them, currency used – create a fact file page/poster/leaflet about the country – I will display them!

This weeks focus country is – America

Stay safe, keep washing your hands, look after yourself and your family and we will see you soon!

Missing you all!

Mrs Sharif and Mrs Aslam!