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Luxor 2 End of Easter Hols

Hello my amazing Luxor 2s!! Wow, I can't believe how much I'm missing you. 😢 Every time I start a new activity I think how much I'd love to be doing it with you all. We will be having extra fun when we get back. Well, after we have caught up on all the stories we've missed telling each other.

Haven't we been having some lovely weather? ☀️ I hope you've been able to get out for some fresh air and exercise. You won't believe it! I have actually been doing some house work and cooking rather than leave it all for my husband to do. I even sorted my wardrobe out! On Tuesday, I did a virtual quiz with Miss Shaw, Miss Vickerman, Miss Berry, Mrs Fleming, Mrs Goodlad and Mrs McMullen. It was fun. I came second (Mrs Fleming won!) I wonder if you could write a quiz for me? You know how much I like random observational quizzes (at weird times of the day). 

You will be receiving some new home learning packs next week to keep you busy. Remember, a little bit everyday. As Miss Shaw says, 'If you don't use it - you'll lose it.' 
Also, don't forget all the things you can do in the home too: a bit of cleaning, cooking with an adult, educational TV programmes (Horrible Histories, Deadly 60 etc), reading, lots of reading and games with your family. I taught James scrabble this week. We will have to play it at school. I loved our games and hot chocolate morning. 

Speak to you soon,

Love from Mrs Mann 😊


A message from Mrs McMullen: 

Hello everyone!

It goes without saying that we are all missing you very much – seeing your smiling, happy faces and sharing fun times and learning with you. However, I know that your teachers have kept you busy with all the work in your distance learning packs and also with the links and activities they’ve set you on the website or via class blogs.

These are strange times indeed but I know that you will be looking after your family and keeping yourselves safe by staying indoors, apart from getting your fresh air and exercise once a day. I’ve been keeping up with my running (3km most days!) and  it won’t surprise you to hear that I’ve been doing some yoga too.

As hard as it is not seeing our Harehills family, remember that we are always together in spirit. Take one day at a time and stay positive 😊.

Missing you all so much!


Mrs. McMullen x