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Luxor 1

Hi Luxor 1, 

This week we were supposed to be back at school for our first week back in the Summer term! Instead, I've spent some time sat out in my garden and started some decorating in my house. I can't wait for us all to be back together soon and hear about what you have been up to! It has been a full month since I last saw you. I wonder if M. Omar is missing the Guinness World Record book that he has glued to him the whole time or whether Natasha has drawn me 5 billion flamingo pictures that she is waiting to give me when we next go back to school. 

The Year 5 teachers have been busy this week collecting resources to put into new home learning packs for you. You should be having these delivered to you shortly. In this pack there will be lots of things for you to get on with. We have tried to give you some of the activites that we would be doing in school at this time. Included in the packs will be a range of Maths, Theme, Spellings a bit of PE and Science amongst other things to keep you going. It is really important that you spend a bit of time completing an activity out of the pack each day. It will help keep you focussed and your brain working during this time. There is no need to go mad though and try to complete it all at once (Asim and Esaa - I can imagine that this would be you!) - just 1 or 2 a day should be fine!

As you know, we would have started our Ancient Greek theme this week and we would have been going on a trip to the Royal Armouries which has unfortunately been cancelled. They have, however, filmed some videos for you to watch to teach you about some Greek myths. You can watch them here You should recognise the lady from our WW2 trip. 

No one has achieved a mathletics certificate this week but I'll let you off as it was technically the easter holidays. Let's see who can achieve one this week.

Miss you lots and lots and lots!!

Mrs Fleming x


A message from Mrs Daud

Hey Luxor 1, it's Mrs Daud!

The last couple of weeks have been interesting as I have had the chance to spend lots and lots of time with my children (most of the time constantly clearing up!) During this time I have been wondering what you have all been up to. I am really really missing missing each and every one of you. I do hope that you are all keeping safe but I also hope that you are helping with the household chores!

Take this time to enjoy being at home but also to learn new things. My Adam makes me a cup of tea every day!

We will meet again soon. Take care, missing you lots and lots!

Mrs Daud x