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Are you too Cool for school?

We had a professniol  skatebaorder come in and he taught us how to use a skateboard. He also taught us amazing tricks such as the kickflip . It was awesome and so much FUN. Learningh about Tony Hawk's tricks made us gasp in awe. Some people were that interested in that they bought their own skateboard and learnt new tricks from it.   

We did three science experiments. The first one was lava lamps where you have to add water oil food colouring and fizzing tablets. The second was corn flour slime where you add water cornflour and food colouring. This one was so much fun becaue we added an egg and dropped it from different heights and the last one was from a teachers window. Only one egg survived the fall from the window! The last experiment was where we had learnt how liquids change when we add differnt ingredents to a liquid.