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Are you too cool for school

This summer term our topic has changed from Groovy Greeks to Are you too cool for school. We learnt how to skateboard and awesome tricks. We learnt about Tony Hawk the professional skateboarder and also Banksy the famous graffiti artist. We have had a go at doing our own graffiti logos which was so much fun.

We are looking forward to the are you too cool for school disco, the sleepover and games night which includes pizza - yummy. We can't wait to attend these events and have lots of fun with our friends.

In science we have been learning about densities and states of matter. We have been mixing these compounds together to make new compounds. We have also been learning about bonds that can be broken and reformed. We had lots of fun making cornflour slime in which we inserted an egg and threw from different heights such as shoulder height, knee height and from the top floor window. Three eggs survived the fall from the window!