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Luxor 3 - What gives you the right

Our theme ‘What gives you the right?’ looks at children’s right through time with a focus on Victorian Britain. Luxor 3 children experienced what it was like to go to school in 1891, when a law was passed allowing all children to go to school. Boys and girls were treated differently, teachers were more strict than usual, children were hit with canes (although we didn’t act this out), chalk was...

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Luxor 3 - Luxor 3 is back

A big welcome back to school from Luxor 3. Also a big welcome back to Abdi and our new pupils Josh and Delight. It has been a great start to the year with our new theme, World War 2, exciting PE lessons and interesting Science experiements.

In Science we took part in an experiment to test air resistance. We observed some of the pupils running with different sizes of paper, to see if it made...

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Luxor 3 - Happy New Year and Conspiracy Theories

Happy New Year folks,


We're six days into spring term and it's full steam ahead in Luxor 3. Last Friday we visited Carr Manor High School; the children experienced what life would be like when they reach year 7. Highlights included playing the cajon in Mr Vardy's class and using bunsen burners in Dr Saunders class.  It seems a long time until September 2016, but the reality is that's only...

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Luxor 3 - World War II Theme

Our theme for this half term is World War II. This fascinating theme is threaded through many subjects in the new curriculum. In the last four weeks we've written Anne Frank diary recounts, Blitz poems, and fact files on key WWII figures.

Last week, as technologists and historians we learnt about air raid shelters. With minimal resources, pupils had to build their own shelters that were...

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Luxor 3 - Luxor 3's Arooj Project

Have you ever wanted magical play dough that is homemade by the year 5 Wonderful Wizards? Well, Luxor 3 will be selling colourful and bright play dough that is for both boys and girls. They are specially designed for you and your preferences. They are extremely fun for you and your friends! Why not give it as a gift, use it for a project, or just keep it to yourself.

Why don’t you show off...

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Luxor 3 - Philosophy

"What are the three most important things in life?" and "Is it ok to steal from the rich and give to the poor like Robin Hood?" were two questions discussed in our philosophy lesson today. As a class we decided that family, our home, and food were the most important; although we couldn't all agree on the theme of Robin Hood. What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

Mr W.

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Luxor 3 - We are Luxor 3

Welcome to Luxor 3, a team consisting of myself (Mr Waddington), 30 children and all the families that our children belong to. I hope that family members know of their importance to me and how I consider you all very much part of the Luxor 3 team. Please understand that I run an open door policy, I appreciate your opinions and help that you can offer, please find me if ever you need...

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