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Luxor 3 - science week

This week was science week our main theme was about the 3 'R's which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We made posters and and did lots of activites including making bees wax wraps and also had a science fair where we all got together as a school and shared our ideas about what we could do to help the environment.

We also had our sports day at Potternewton Park where we had races ,long jumps and...

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Luxor 3 - Splendid Science Week.

This week we had an awsome time because it was Science Week! Our theme was Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We made beeswax wraps which we are going to use in the Science Fair on Friday. We are giong to have fun activities and sell enviroment - friendly things.

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Luxor 3 - Greek tragedy

This week we have had red nose day and we dressed up and also raised fifty pence for charity.

During maths we have been learning on simplifying fractions.

Part of our science we have been learning about life cycles and we are going to a trip called tropical world .

In theme we have been working on the greek tragedy called Orpheus and Eurydice.

In ICT we have been working on tally charts of...

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Luxor 3 - Aphrodite's Broken Hearts

This week started off by watching a fun TV show performed by the teachers all about our new topic Were the Greeks groovy? Zeus was played by Mrs Mcmullen and Hera was played by Mrs Flemming. I loved the way Zeus was showing off and Hera started to get really jealous because Zeus had many wives and children.

Another fact we learnt was that Zeus and Hera were brother and sister! The ancient...

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Luxor 3 - Abbey House trip

Last Thursday we visited White Abbey House Museum, linked to our detective-themed topic, Can you crack the case? We solved our own murder mystery,piecing together clues to figure out who committed the murder. Also we found out what type of fingerprints we all have, using, special ink pads trying to find if we have an Arch, a Loop, a Whorl or Mixed figure. Today, we did an experiment using...

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Luxor 3 - The Sparkling week

On Monday we wore sparkling cloths to raise money for the NSPCC and we also had all lot of fun.

On Monday afternoon our very own celebrity teacher aka - Mr Kerr lit up our school christmas tree and entertained the children by singng the song "I wish it could be christmas every day".

This everning we are haveing year 5 Glitter Galactic disco to celerbrate our space topic.

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Luxor 3 - Super Space

It has been another amazing term. We started by having Odd Sock Day,we had many interesting choices. We had Odd Sock Day to raise awarness about anti-bullying. Also, our theme for anti-bullying week was choose respect. Our new topic in theme is all about space. Today we're having a fun day all about space and we are going to the mobile Planetarium.

An interesting fact about space is that,...

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Luxor 3 - friend or foe

This week I have been:

adding and subtracting decimals in maths

more work about the story friend or foe and I really enjoyed it.

We also celebrated hello yello day for charity to raise awareness for mental heath.

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Luxor 3 - First term back in school

During year 5 we have gone to Eden camp where we watched a Puppet show and we got sprayed by water. Mrs Boyd got a shock when the puppets sprayed water at her! This year started with a bang, whilst we were silently reading, the air raid siren went off, panicking we hid under the table and covered our heads.

We have also done mini me yoga and in maths we were secret agents for the day.

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Luxor 3 - What gives you the right

Our theme ‘What gives you the right?’ looks at children’s right through time with a focus on Victorian Britain. Luxor 3 children experienced what it was like to go to school in 1891, when a law was passed allowing all children to go to school. Boys and girls were treated differently, teachers were more strict than usual, children were hit with canes (although we didn’t act this out), chalk was...

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