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Luxor 2 - Luxor 2 Welcome Back

Welcome back! What an exciting start to the year we have had! Our theme 'World War 2' has begun and we have already had some expereinces of what it was like for children during the war. It has been interesting learning all the facts about WW2 using books and the internet. We can tell you when it happened, why it happened and who was involved.

We are looking forward to our trip next week to...

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Luxor 2 - Luxor 2 Spring

Welcome back and happy new year!

We have crash landed into Spring with our 'Are we alone?' topic and became scientists when we investigated some extra-terrestrial debris found in our playground! We collected samples of substances but still haven't gotten to the bottom of it! So far in our topic we have uncovered the names of the planets in our solar system and devised a mnemonic to remember the...

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Luxor 2 - Spring 1

It's been a short and snappy half term here in Luxor 2, packed full of exciting opportunities. The children are learning about the water cycle in Science, and have been conducting experiments involving evaporation and condensation. We have seen how water turns into steam when it is heated, and have also witness how this water vapour can turn back into droplets when it hits a cold surface.


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