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Luxor 1 - Groovy Greeks

When we came from the holidays our teachers did a play of gods and goddesses which was amazing! The amazing part was their acting skills especially when Zeus and Hera were arguing. Did you know that we also learnt about where Greece is located and we wrote a persuasive text so people could come and visit Greece. Why don't you come? Also we painted a picture of Greece.

Today is World Book and...

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Luxor 1 - Glitter Galactic disco

Last week on Thursday we had a great time at the glitter galatic disco. We did the disco to celebrate our space topic. The disco was in the evening. Everyone came  in their party clothes and we had face painting. It was an amazing time!

This week year 2 performed the christmas nativity. They sang loads of christmas songs and they told us we can join in if we want to.

In theme we have been...

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Luxor 1 - An amazing half term back!

This half term we had a VE day party just like Britain would have done in world war two. Then we were introduced to our new topic about space. So far we have learnt about galaxies, stars, constellations, nebulas and solar systems.

Did you know that on Jupiter there is a red spot which is a storm that has been going on for three hundred years.


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Luxor 1 - An amazing first half term

This week we had an amazing celebration for Hello Yellow day! We dressed up in yellow for a mental health charity. Our teachers even put ribbons on our hair. Also we wrote a setting description about a story we have been reading. It was exiting because we used alot of vocab!

Our class did lovely paintings of buildings during the Blitz. It was amazing because we used different... Read More

Luxor 1 - First term back

Trip to Eden camp - We learnt all about the holocost and much more. This year started with a bang. On the first day an alarm went off and an air raid warden came into our room. We acted like real world war two children. We learnt about air raids and we wrote a recount about that day.

In maths we learnt about number and place value, rounding, column method and much more. We have also been...

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Luxor 1 - Scooter Training

This week Luxor 1 took park in Scooter Training as part of Road Safety.




Once we were equipped with our helmet and our scooter, we were able to go out onto the streets around our school to learn how to ride scooters safely. We had alot of fun! Even Miss Fleming and Mrs Begum had a go!

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Luxor 1 - Spring 1

What an amazing start we have had to the new half term! We started off last week by introducing our new Space topic and transforming our classroom into the LUXOR 3000 space rocket.

Here's the crew photo before they set off on their important mission.

As part of our Science lessons, we have learnt lots of the scientific vocabulary for Space and we have also look at what orbits the Sun. In...

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Luxor 1 - Our Luxor 2's journey back in time!

In theme we have been learning about  children's rights and how we have more access to our rights than children in the past did. For example, we as children have the right to proper medical care whereas in Victorian times children didn't. We had a chance to experience how it felt to be a Victorian child. Girls did sewing and boys did technical drawing."I got caned because I was not wearing...

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Luxor 1 - What a BLAST!

We started this half term blasting off into space, floating around the solar sytem and crash landing on a strange an unfamiliar planet. Just last week, we had an alien invasion in our playground and we have described our world from their perspective. The creative writing has been fantastic and we have all enjoyed sharing our amazing ideas. Through our Science lessons, we know now all about how...

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Luxor 1 - Welcome Back Luxor 1

Welcome back to school!

We have started Year 5 with a bang this September. Blasting into our new theme (World War 2) with a pretended air raid siren.

Last week we also took part in a 1940s experience day at Armley Mills. We had a fantastic time being children during the war. The lady who works there told us:

"You are the best class I have ever had!" A proud moment for Mrs Mann!



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