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Luxor 1 - Scooter Training

This week Luxor 1 took park in Scooter Training as part of Road Safety.




Once we were equipped with our helmet and our scooter, we were able to go out onto the streets around our school to learn how to ride scooters safely. We had alot of fun! Even Miss Fleming and Mrs Begum had a go!

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Luxor 1 - Spring 1

What an amazing start we have had to the new half term! We started off last week by introducing our new Space topic and transforming our classroom into the LUXOR 3000 space rocket.

Here's the crew photo before they set off on their important mission.

As part of our Science lessons, we have learnt lots of the scientific vocabulary for Space and we have also look at what orbits the Sun. In...

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Luxor 1 - Our Luxor 2's journey back in time!

In theme we have been learning about  children's rights and how we have more access to our rights than children in the past did. For example, we as children have the right to proper medical care whereas in Victorian times children didn't. We had a chance to experience how it felt to be a Victorian child. Girls did sewing and boys did technical drawing."I got caned because I was not wearing...

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Luxor 1 - What a BLAST!

We started this half term blasting off into space, floating around the solar sytem and crash landing on a strange an unfamiliar planet. Just last week, we had an alien invasion in our playground and we have described our world from their perspective. The creative writing has been fantastic and we have all enjoyed sharing our amazing ideas. Through our Science lessons, we know now all about how...

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Luxor 1 - Welcome Back Luxor 1

Welcome back to school!

We have started Year 5 with a bang this September. Blasting into our new theme (World War 2) with a pretended air raid siren.

Last week we also took part in a 1940s experience day at Armley Mills. We had a fantastic time being children during the war. The lady who works there told us:

"You are the best class I have ever had!" A proud moment for Mrs Mann!



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Luxor 1 - Luxor 1 Adverts

In year 5 we have been using different persuasive techniques whilst writing adverts.

Today we had to use rehtorical questions and imperative statements.

These children had to try and sell an apple, candle and a PSP.







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Luxor 1 - Final Term

It is the final term for Luxor 1 before we head to Year 6! Eeek!


We have started the term well with great attendance. Fingers crossed we win it for the whole year!


This term we have an interesting theme 'How much is that doggy in the market?'

Can you work out what we will be learning about?


We will need lots of maths skills and creative thinking this half term. Have any of you...

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Luxor 1 - New Term 2015

Welcome back and Happy New Year from Mrs Mann and Luxor 1!

This term we have already started our new theme: ARE WE ALONE? As scientist we have begun to explore if there really are aliens in our universe.

We will continue our learning by discovering more about what exists and happens in outer space. It is going to be very exciting!


Some children will have a new maths teacher this term,...

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Luxor 1 - World War 2 Theme

Wow! We have been working really hard this half term in Year 5. Our theme has been World War Two and it has been such an interesting topic to learn about!  Studying Anne Frank helped us write recounts, looking at images of the Blitz helped us write Poetry and reading Friend or Foe has helped us write stories about Evacuees. Our Eden Camp trip was a great success and we all had fun whilst...

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Luxor 1 - Welcome back

Welcome back to the final half term in year five. This half term we welcome back Mrs Mann, who will be helping us with our learning in year 5. We have many exciting events taking place this half term, so remember to check the website and ask your child about them.

Yesterday, Luxor 1 had a fantastic P.E session with a trained coach. We focussed on pushing ourselves to reach our potential. We...

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