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- Robinwood 2016

The year 6 children have arrived safely at Robinwood Activity Centre.

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RobinWood 2016 
The Crag group having lunch. 

RobinWood 2016     RobinWood 2016     RobinWood 2016
Really excited and looking forward to our first activity-bouldering. 

RobinWood 2016     RobinWood 2016 
Warming up with some hot juice; preparing ourselves for the next challenge...

RobinWood 2016     RobinWood 2016     RobinWood 2016     

RobinWood 2016    RobinWood 2016
Children in Crag group (Sandhurst 2) enjoying climbing...

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- Luxor 1 - Summer Time

We have started our new theme 'What gives you the right?'


I liked it when we were treated like victorian school children.(Ahlam)

We had learnt to use the scooters safely. (Taha)

Our class have been learning about childrens rights.(Maria)

Year 5 have been reading some books such as water babies and the high way man. (Musa)

Every Thursday we  have a lady called Zing come in to our class...

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- Ashton 1 - Autumn Term 2

This week, we are learning the story of the Enormous Turnip and how to re-tell it using actions. The children are role playing the story using masks and Child G said, "I want to be the cat."

The children are learning to say what is one more than a given number and we are using the story of the Enormous Turnip to help us count.

In phonics, the children are learning to blend sounds together to...

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