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Elford 2 - Week 4 of Lockdown

Hello Everyone!

It's Mrs Sharif here. I hope you and your families are all well during this very strange time. I miss you all so much, and think fondly of all the happy memories we made together in Year 4! All the fun and laughter we had... I'm sure we'll be together not before long, and do what we do best!!!

Adam, Ibby and Eesa are all doing well - I'm sure many of you will want to know what they've been up to! Adam's pre-molar fell out last week (you'll all remember about teeth and their function from our Science learning the week before we finished school! Do you recall the amazing investigation with the bread pieces and the foam?) He placed his tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy came! She gave him some money and a very special note. He was delighted :) 

Ibby is very confused about the lockdown. He keeps asking me when schools will open again, and is sure that his teachers are already there!! We reassure him and have explained to him that when Boris Johnson and the Government say it is safe for us to open up schools, then he can get back to his learning and will be able to meet up with his friends! He's working really hard with his writing, and practises his phonics every day. 

It's Eesa's birthday on Monday (20.04.20) and he turns 3. We'll have a little celebration at home... it'll be very different to what we normally do when we invite all the family and cousins over! I'm sure that we can do something later, when everything is back to normal. 

I hope you've been doing some reading every day and you've been working through your packs. I'm proud of those of you that have been using Mathletics...keep checking the home learning links for other amazing websites! Remember, relaxation is important too, and spending quality time with your families. Use this time to practise your cooking/ baking skills, to maybe learn a new skill like technical drawing (lots of cool lessons on YouTube! - ask your parents first!!!) sewing...the list is endless! Ibby helped his daddy wash the car yesterday - he loved it! Try to get involved with your family activties. Adam's learnt to make me the perfect cup of tea (a C2 form a tea chart I've shown him!!) To begin with, he put too much milk in, but with practise, it's now PERFECT!!!! I've attached the chart - ask your mum or dad which type of tea they prefer and maybe learn to make a cup of tea for them? (remember, be careful with the kettle, ask an adult for help!)

People are divided over this cuppa colour chart but what's YOUR ...


Newsround on CBBC is great to catch up with what's happening in the world. From next week, you'll get a new pack of learning. Miss Leckenby and I will hoping to catch up with you all soon. 

Look after yourselves and each other, be happy... I can't wait to hear all your wonderful news (maybe start a journal to remind yourselves of what you've been up to?)

Lots of love,

Mrs Sharif xx