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April Greetings!

Hello Elford 3 and Year 4!


I am writing you right now from my living room looking at the lovely sunshine out the window. I wish we could be spending time in the Annexe Playground and doing PE in the MUGA but we will have to wait a little longer.


It’s still so strange to me that we haven’t been together in almost a month! I’ve missed you all and I hope you have been keeping busy with your Distance Learning Folders. Remember there are a lot of a lot of websites you can use on to continue your learning.


You can also choose to pick up a new hobby or skill! I have been using my extra time to practise baking! My favourites so far have been chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. Consider getting involved in your families’ kitchen by offering to help your adults cook and bake! Hopefully when we’re back together we can all do some cooking and baking as a class!


Wishing you all the best! Stay inside and stay safe!


Miss Methven