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Elford 3 – The Amazing Rainforest

The students in Elford 3 had an amazing first half-term! They worked extremely hard and have adjusted to all the writing and independent work in Year 4!

The rainforest topic was a lot of fun! The students seemed most excited about the animals that lived there, especially the dangerous ones! Overtime the students seemed to understand how important all living things (including plants) are in the rainforest! They knew how living things work together and depend on one another! They learned all about animal adaptations and food chains!

The students did not only learn about the animals and plants of the rainforest, but tribal people who live there! Students were able to collect information from non-fiction books and create a mind map as a group!

The students were enthusiastic learners and they used all the new information to write fantastic information texts about the rainforest! This term showed Miss Methven and Miss Russell what amazing writers, scientists, and geographers we have in Elford 3!