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Elford 1 - Exciting Electricity!

Elford1 Elford 1

This half term in Science, we have been learning about electricity. We used lemons to see if a light bulb would light up and the lemon could work as a battery but the bulb didn’t light up. 

Electricity can be dangerous and we have been looking at dangerous electricity at home.  We even put salt and water in a little tub to see whether the electricity would flow through the water. It did!...

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Elford 1 - Vicious Vikings v Anglo-Saxons!


We have had a brilliant half term learning lots of facts about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We used our research skills to find out lots of information.

Our theme writing involved writing recounts as a Viking Warrior raiding the poor Monks in the Lindisfarne Monastery! Also, we wrote fabulous quest stories, having taken inspiration fron our class text, 'The Saga of Erik the Viking'.


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Elford 1 - What's happening in Elford 1?

Welcome to the first Elford 1 class blog of the year. The last few weeks have been really busy in year four as we have delved into Viking life and beliefs. We have also been learning about their language and transport methods and are going to be learning about what happened during a Viking raid in the coming weeks. Additionally, we have been writing Viking Sagas which are as exciting as they...

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Elford 1 - Spring 1

Elford 1 are all geared up for another exciting term at school during which time we will be learning all about Natural Disasters. As well as investigating what different disasters there are, including violent volcanos, terrifying tornados and earth shattering earthquakes, we will also be learning what damage they cause and how to survive one. We will be using this knowledge to help us write...

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Elford 1 - New year off to a great start

It has been an exciting start to the year in Elford 1. The children have been learning all about Vikings in an attempt to find out if they really were as vicious as everyone thinks. As well as learning all about raids and the many Sagas that these incredible people embarked upon, they have also learned about their way of life and what they believed in. This week was particularly exciting as...

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