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Year 3 - Weekly Quiz

Hi everyone,


As well as our weekly update blog we thought you might like a quiz to keep you thinking so have a go at this weeks alphabet one. We hope you enjoy it.

1. A common garden insect. a
2. A yellow fruit. b
3. A building where movies are shown. c
4. Creatures that lived millions of years ago. d

5. Birds lay these. e

6. 11 minus 7 = f
7. The colour of grass. g
8. You wear this on your head. h
9. The liquid inside a pen. i
10. The seventh month of the year. j
11. What you do to a football. k
12. The opposite of dark. l
13. Something to wipe your feet on. m
14. Something you hit with a hammer. n
15. A sea creature with eight legs. o
16. A place that you may go to play. p
17. Another word meaning fast. q
18. You might tie something up with this. r

19. Something you stick on an envelope. s

20. A shape with just three sides. t
21. Something to keep you dry in the rain. u

22. Something to put flowers in. v
23. North, south, east and ........ w
24. A picture that shows your bones. x
25. Something you do when you feel tired. y

26. A place to see lots of animals. z