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Darfield 3 - September 2017

In Darfield 3, we have had an exciting start to the New Year. We have been learning about prehistoric Britain. We have learnt about what they ate, how they made tools, where they lived and all about their daily lives. To help us learn we made stone-age axes, cave paintings and some of us even made Stonehenge out of biscuits!

D3 Science

In science, we have been learning about different rocks and...

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Darfield 3 - The amazing robots!

Did you know that you have robots in your own home helping to wash clothes? In Darfield we have been learning all about the importance of robots in our lives. We were very surprised that we had robots all around us. We couldn't believe a washing machine was in fact a robot. Andy even came in to help us to programme our own Lego robot. We actually got them to dance! We were amazed by the fact...

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