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Darfield 2 - Winter half term 1

In Darfield 2, we made our passports and boarded the plane for our trip around Europe. Our first stop was thrilling Paris. We visted lots of the famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre. After our busy tour around Paris we visited our very own cafe!


We used all our exciting experiences to write some brilliant diaries. We have also made model Eiffel...

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Darfield 2 - Transition Week

Last week, we had a busy week in year 4, learning all about the exciting things that the teachers have got in store for us!

We did Literacy and Numeracy with our new teacher, Miss Vickerman. We also found out that we will play a musical instrument!

We will miss Year 3 a lot, but are ready for the challenges that lie ahead!!

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Darfield 2 - Happy New Year!

The children in Darfield 2 have started this term with a bang!

Our new theme ‘Why Are Robots Important?’ kicked off with a computer programmer visiting our class to talk to us about how special Robots are!

Andy is a computer programmer. His job is to tell robots what to do.

Our robot dance showed us how stiff robot movements are!

We had a competition to see whether our programmed robot...

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