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Darfield 1 - Darfield 1

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It has been an exciting start to the year in Darfield 1. This half term we have been learning all about Prehistoric man. We have been learning how they lived and found food. We explored how they made stone tools and even had a go at making our own. We also learned how life changed in the Bronze Age when people discovered how to make bronze and farm. As part of this we designed and made our...

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Darfield 1 - Spring 1 in Darfield 1

This half term we are learning all about The Romans. We have been learning about The Roman Empire, and how it spread across Europe. 

As a writer, we have learnt about the creation of Rome and we ahve written our own version of the Romulus and Remus story. We have also looked at important people in Ancient Rome, like Julius Caesar, and the hierarchy of the Roman Army.

As a mathematician, we...

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Darfield 1 - Ancient Egypt

Wow, what a term we are having in Year 3!

We have been learning all about Ancient Egypt, and the way people lived all those years ago. To help us on our way, we were lucky enough to have a visit from a real Pharaoh to teach us about building pyramids and setting traps for tomb robbers!

As geographers, we have been using maps to locate Egypt and identify the old Upper and Lower kingdoms. As...

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Darfield 1 - Darfield 1 - Riveting Robots

The children in Year 3 are all very excited about their new topic for this half term: Why are robots important?

During the first week back, Darfield 1 were lucky enough to have a visit from a sofware engineer who told us all about lots of different types of robots. He also brought some robots with him, and we used laptops to program them! We are going to do some more of this in our ICT...

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Darfield 1 - Leeds City Museum Trip

Last Friday Darfield 1 went to the Leeds city museum. We were learning about Ancient Egypt. We made amulets and we made our own bookmarks. We made the bookmarks out of papyrus paper and we drew a god or we wrote our names in Ancient Egyptian writing. Then we made our own mummy! We took out the organs and put them in special pots!

Next we saw a real mummy! It was an Egyptian persist. Some...

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Darfield 1 - Our class blog

Welcome to Darfield 1s class blog. We are learning about adventure stories for example Horrid Henry and the the Mummy. In Numeracy we are learning to use RUCSAC to solve word problems. in Science we are learning about plants and how they live. This blog was written by Elias.

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Darfield 1 - Summer 1

Last half term Darfield 1 went to a safari park called Yorkshire Wildlife Centre. There were lots of animals and there was also a playhouse where we had our lunch. Now our new Topic is Egypt. In Science we are learning about plants and what they need to grow.

This blog was written by Iza.


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