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Hello Conway 1!

Hello Conway 1,

 I hope you have all been keeping well and safe since I last wrote to you. I’m sitting behind my desk at home at the moment and looking out of my window at the beautiful sunshine. I hope you’ve had a chance to go outside for a short walk or run around as it’s really important to stay active! I miss our P.E. lessons out on the playground – I’m remembering the lesson where we learned to balance and then raced by balancing bean bags on our heads! That was so much fun!

 I have been keeping busy by trying new recipes, reading books and going for walks in the park. I have also been keeping in touch with my family and friends over the phone and internet. During strange times like these it’s really important to show kindness to people around us. I remember how kind and helpful all of you always were at school – helping to tidy and organise the classroom, helping each other and always having a positive attitude. 

I know it’s the Easter holidays but I thought I’d give you a couple of challenges in case you need something to keep you busy. For the first one you will need one of your reading books from school. The challenge is to write down as many verbs as you can from your book. A verb is a ‘doing’ or a ‘being’ word, for example run, swim, see, am. If you want to, you could draw a simple picture of the verb next to it. So for example, if the verb is ‘run’ you could draw a picture of someone running. 

The second challenge is to practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables like we used to in class. So start with 0x2 = 0, 1 x 2 = 2, 2x2 = 4 and so on. Remember you can use your 100 square from your Home Learning Pack to help you. Maybe you can ask a member of your family to test you and see how many you could do in a minute! If you find times tables a bit tricky, you can practise number bonds to 10 or 20. 

Once again, I hope you are all staying safe, happy and healthy! I miss you all lots! I will write to you again next week!

 Miss Meema :)