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Hello again Conway 2!

Hello everyone, it was lovely to speak to some of you this week.  I hope you're all keeping safe and looking after yourselves and your families.  We have been trying to keep busy here.  Nuala has been baking to send to her dad, who works at St. James' Hospital, which is really close to our school. She's also been teaching me how to do handstands but I'm not very good at it so far!

You will be receiving more Home Learning Packs this week.  I know some of you have already finished all the work we gave you.  Well done!!  We've put some mindfulness colouring in there for you so you can relax and enjoy some colouring time. This is a good website to find more arty things to do to keep you busy!

Some parents I spoke to gave me an email address that we are going to be using to contact you and you can contact us back.  Send us an email at We hope to hear from you soon!

Take care Conway 2, be safe, stay at home and look after yourselves.

Miss Mallinson