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Conway 3 - Matilda

Our Theme this half term is 'Why are Roald Dahl’s stories so phizz-whizzing?’ We thoroughly enjoyed watching the film Matilda! Together we discussed Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull and compared their personalities and how they are so different. We watched the scene The First Miracle as well as watching Matilda Musical, these helped us act out the scene using different body language, voice and...

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Conway 3 - Who Lives in the Woods?

In year 2, our theme this term, has been; Who Lives in the Woods? We have been learning all about the woods, animals and their habitats, identify different types of mini beasts and reading stories with a woodlands theme, such as The Gruffalo.

As part of our learning, we went on an adventure to Gledhow Valley Woods! We were on the hunt for mini beasts, woodland animals and maybe The... Read More

Conway 3 - Welcome to Conway 3

We have had a busy start to the new year in Conway 3!  I have moved from Year 6 to Year 2, which is a big but very exciting change.  We have begun our theme of "Who lives in the Woods?" and are reading The Gruffalo and Owl Babies.  We also read Fantastic Mr Fox during our celebrations for Roald Dahl's 100th birthday.  As part of this work, we created a dream jar by using hearts made out of...

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Conway 3 - Who left the oven on?

We have enjoyed acting out the main events of The Great Fire of London and finding out how the fire started.  We have learnt how to bake bread and even have Pudding Lane bakery in our classroom!  This week we enjoyed reading Samuel Peyps's diary and making our special belongings to bury safely in the school grounds.


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Conway 3 - At The Seaside

We have enjoyed reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and making up revolting sandwiches to put off the seagulls! 

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

This week we have been exploring circuits so that we can create our own working lighthouse.  Also we found out what everyone's favourite ice cream is and made a class pictogram.  Yum!


We are so excited about going to the seaside next week to splash in the sea!   Watch this...

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