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Owl Visitors In Year 2

Last half term, Year 2 had an exciting visit from some owls.  This was as part of our "Into the Woods" theme. 

Barn Owl

Jane showed us the boxes with the owls in them and we could hear them screeching inside the box.  Did you know, the only owl that makes the "twit-two" noise is the tawny owl?  One says twit and the other says twoo.  She then took the owls out, one by one for us to look at.  We had to be very quiet and still so as not to scare the owls.  Jane explained all about their incredible eye sight and hearing.


Little Owl

When she introduced us to the little owl (that's its proper name) she explained that we would be able to have a go at holding it. 


Barn Owl

Lastly, she got the barn owl to fly over us by tempting it with a piece of food.  It was a very exciting visit and we learnt a lot about owls from Jane.