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Conway 2 - The Twits

Our Theme this half term is 'Why are Roald Dahl’s stories so phizz-whizzing?’ As a class we read the story ‘The Twits.’ The children loved learning about the appearance and personality traits of the characters. We had to imagine the Twits had been up to something again and the police were looking for them. From this we created WANTED posters for the Twits and had to draw and write about their...

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Conway 2 - Our feathered friends

We decided to look after our local wildlife and install a bird feeder on the classroom window. The birds were a bit shy at first but now we have a selection of beautiful sparrows using the feeder. 

Bird box 1

We love to watch them whilst we are doing our work. 

Bird box 2


We are going to get a bird bath next!

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Conway 2 - Owl Visitors In Year 2

Last half term, Year 2 had an exciting visit from some owls.  This was as part of our "Into the Woods" theme. 

Barn Owl

Jane showed us the boxes with the owls in them and we could hear them screeching inside the box.  Did you know, the only owl that makes the "twit-two" noise is the tawny owl?  One says twit and the other says twoo.  She then took the owls out, one by one for us to look at.  We had...

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Conway 2 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This half term, Conway 2 have been learning all about the different stories written by Roald Dahl! We will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and have already created GIANT scrumdiddlyuptious sweets for our classroom.  

We will learn all about how chocolate is made and conduct experiments to find out which type of chocolate melts the quickest! There are plenty of interesting lessons...

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Conway 2 - Dinosaurs!

What an exciting half term we are having in Year 2!

In Conway 2 our theme is Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Forest and we have done lots of learning! We have done research about a terrifying T-rex, a vicious Velociraptor and a petrifying Pterodactyl! We used the interesting facts we had found to write reports.

On Wednesday, something scary happened and Conway 2 got straight to the rescue!...

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Conway 2 - Wonka-tastic work!

This half term, the children in Conway 2 have become Oompa-Loompas working in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! We have been making glimmering golden tickets and delicious chocolate full of scrumptious ingredients!

We have loved reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We have also been writing our own stories with amazing openers and exciting adjectives. Here are some examples:

When I...

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Conway 2 - Quick, quick, stop the fire!


This half term the Conway classes are learning about the Great Fire of London! We have really enjoyed learning about how the fire started and spread so fiercely. Before the fire began, there was a terrible disease in London called the plague. It was very contagious and Conway 2 had the symptoms too!



Conway 2 were so excited when we made delicious bread. We made it using self...

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Conway 2 - Seaside!

Conway 2 are super excited about the events in the summer term. First of all, we have some lovely new friends in our class called Thomas and Holly. They are our new fish. They will help us with our learning about sea creatures.

Another thing that we are getting excited about is the upcoming trip to Scarborough on Thursday the 8th March. We will get the chance to paddle in the sea, build sand...

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