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Bexley3 - week5 - no school

Dear Bexley 3, 

We have not been to school for 30 days now. That is a long time And I miss you very much.  I hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine.

Who has been a scientist and noticed all the blossom on trees and the spring flowers? 

All the seeds I have planted at home have started to grow, I wonder what is growing in our school garden?

Miss Trafford said the foxes that live in our school playground have had cubs and they have been playing in the early years garden.
Who has been an artist and made a picture ? Can you remember we made pictures with stones and sticks and leaves I think I might try that this week.

Dont forget to use your bug club and mathletics logins there are lots and lots of fun things to do on there that you can do on your own.  
I'm sending you a big smile, please send me one back.

Miss Lister.