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Bexley 2 - Mr Waddington

Firstly, let's have a look at last week's riddle:

Daisy's mum likes silver coins, so she calls her first child 5p, her second child 10p, and her third child 20p. What is the name of her only other child?

The answer is Daisy of course - Daisy's mum likes silver coins...

That is an old favourite of mine, I have shared that with every class I've ever had and I never get tired of the moment the first person who puts their hand up and says "It's 50p Sir."


Once again I hope that everyone is safe and well, and even though we cannot enjoy the outdoors I hope that the sunshine is making everyone's life that little brighter.


Please do continue to use the Active Learn books, I can see the chidlren's activity so keep that up if possible. If you are having any trouble with Active Learn feel free to email - please put FAO Mr Waddington in the subject title. The email will be forwarded to me and I will respond to any issues on these blogs.


Challenges this week:

1) Watch Numberblocks on BBC Iplayer - Odds and evens. Which numbers are odd and which numbers are even?

2) Watch the Solar System Song Kids TV 123. How many planets can you remember? What is the name of the star in our Solar System?

Parents/carers: This can be searched on Youtube, Spotify and other well known websites, comments on Youtube are switched off but tabs leading to other videos may not so please be careful. 

This week's teaser:

What's orange and sounds like a parrot? Check here next week for the answer.


Mr Waddington