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Bexley - Mr Waddington - info on learning packs

Hello again children, parents and carers,

I'd first like to wish all our families who will be celebrating Ramadan later this week a wonderful celebration and an opportunity to reflect on the importance of family through these difficult times. Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to several of our year 1 families and was fascinated to hear stories of family members in the medical profession going above and beyond their duty. Many told me of how their children are keeping safe and happy. Let it be known that whichever member of staff you have spoken to the conversations are just as appreciated by the staff as they were you.

I'm sure most of you will have known last week's teaser: What is orange and sounds like a parrot? It is of course a carrot.

As many of you know new learning packs are to be sent out within the next few days. In year 1 we will be posting ideas on how to complete the learning on these blogs. We will also be using the new email . You can use this email to get in touch with any of the year 1 staff, we will check this regularly. It will be helpful if you put your child's name on the email so we know for sure who we are speaking to.

If in your learning pack you find the learning diary, the first task your child can do is simply design the front cover of their booklet.



Once they have done this go to the next clean page. Here you will see a picture of something I have done and a sentence to go with it. I have actually done two pictures and two sentences but don't worry if your child has only done one, but at the same time don't let me put them off doing more if they want to.

diary page example

There will be another year 1 blog on Friday 24th April from one of your other year 1 teachers. Can you guess who it will be?


Take care and stay safe.

Mr Waddington