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Our first half term as Year 1

We have had a really busy six weeks in school so far. Once we got settled into our new class, we began showing off the skills we had learnt in Ashton 2. We enjoyed playing with different toys and reading different books. Then, the real hard work started...

We began our life as Year 1 by learning things about our bodies. We knew lots already but we learnt even more! We were really good at labelling our bodies with all of the different names, and we drew lots of pictures of ourselves outside. We also decorated a picture to make it look like us. We learnt about our Senses, which made us scientists. We are now very confident when we talk about what our senses do and which one we need for what. We got to do a really good experiment and work out which of our senses was most useful for finding out the flavour of crisps. Lots of us knew that we would need to taste them to be sure of their flavour, so once we had predicted (See! We are scientists!) which one we would use, we had a go at testing.

Of course, we were still busy doing our Maths, which is where we use our numbers. Our first few weeks we did so much practise counting that we were exhausted! We are getting used to the numbers going all the way up to 100, and counting up and back down. We are really good at writing our numbers and we practised this lots too.

Once we'd learnt about ourselves, we began to learn about different animals. We know loads and loads of animals so that wasn't a problem. We looked at how we could classify (See! Scientists again!) animals into their different groups, and we did this by looking at what they eat. We now know that carnivores eat meat, herbivores like plants and omnivores eat EVERYTHING!

We also learnt that different animals are different types of animals. We found out that mammals have fur, and their babies like to drink their Mum's milk. We know that reptiles have scaly skin and that fish have fins or gills. We also know the word amphibian! They like to live on land and in water. And we know that birds have wings and usually feathers. We also know that we are mammals!

We've also been busy busy busy in our Phonics lessons, where we learn the basic skills to read and write. We do all sorts of different activities in Phonics and we're getting better every day! We look at all the different sounds that letters can make, even some of the tricky ones.

Finally, we've been doing some serious work on a story called Six Dinner Sid! He likes to eat and tricks his owners into giving him six whole dinners! (We know that Sid is a carnivore!). We talked lots about the story and what happens in it, and we put these pictures into the right order to show we can retell a story.

Then, we changed the story to make it into our own. This means we "innovated" the story! We are still practising that word. We made our story about Fifi the Giraffe who ate five dinners. We are still practising acting our story out using Talk for Writing... Watch this space for some of our work about Fifi!