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Carrots and Hedgehogs!

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In Ashton 3 the children are settling well in school life at Harehills Primary. We are busy learning about 'ourselves' and the world around us. We have made houses and drawn pictures of our families and made homes for Hedgehogs with leaves. In Literacy, we have learnt two stories with an Autumn theme which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. This week we are making puppets of the main characters in our stories so we can role play. The children are building up cutting skills, social skills and extending their voabulary. In maths, we are looking at a number a week to learn all about it from time, to money to shape and counting. The children have now been introduced to patterns and are busy creating thier own in lots of different media. This week the children have really enjoyed digging up the carrots in the outdoor planters, washing them, chopping them and then eating them as part of our learning about Autumn, Harvest and healthy eating.

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