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Ashton 2 - Our first half term in Ashton 2

Miss Melling is so proud of the children in Ashton 2! They have all settled into their new routines exceptionally well. 

A HUGE thank you to all of the Ashton 2 parents for wokring with us during your childs transition into school.


This week we began story scribing with the children and Miss Melling and Mr Henry are so impressed with the stories the children have been able to...

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Ashton 2 - Temple Newsam

This week we went on a trip to Temple Newsam Farm. The children were very excited and we had a fantastic time! We saw lots of different farm animals and their babies. We also explored rooms in the farm house and saw what houses used to look like many years ago. 

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Ashton 2 - Update from Ashton 2

We started off well this week in Ashton 2 as we won the best class attendance award with 99%! Let's hope we keep up the good work and come to school every day!

This week in Maths we have been learning about patterns. The children then created some of their own repeated patterns using objects in our environment.

We have also been bery busy digging up carrots from our planter boxes. The...

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Ashton 2 - Autumn is here

The children in Ashton 2 have settled in very well. This half term we have been learning about ourselves and Autumn. We have spent lots of time talking about ourselves, our families and where we live. The children have been getting creative making self portraits of themselves and drawing lovely pictures of their families. We have also been learning about Autumn. Last week we recreated the...

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Ashton 2 - Tricks, wishes and wonders

This half term our topic is tricks, wishes and wonders! It has been truly magical so far for Ashton 2. We have had fairies living in our outdoor area. They have been writing us letters and we have written letters back. We have also been experimenting with making magic potions and writing instructions on how to make them.

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Ashton 2 - Farm trip

Before the half term we visited Temple Newsam Farm. The children had so much fun. We saw lots of different animals and their babies. We also had a lovely picnic lunch and even had time to play in the big park before we came home. Here are a few pictures from our day!

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Ashton 2 - The little red hen

This week in Ashton 2 we recieved a letter from the Little Red Hen. She asked us to help her read and order instructions for making bread. Afterwards we followed the instructions ourselves to make our own bread. It was very yummy and we did a fantastic job!

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Ashton 2 - Keeping Harehills tidy

On Friday Ashton 2 did their part in helping to keep our community tidy. The children did an excellent job of cleaning up the streets! It was a chilly day but our class were very dedicated to this great cause. Well done everyone!

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Ashton 2 - Christmas is coming

We are having a very busy but fun half term in Ashton 2! The children had a special visit from Yorkshire Ballet and the children enjoyed acting out the story of Goldilocks & the Three Bears using various movements. We have also been busy preparing for our christmas activities. We have our performance this week and have been practising our songs and actions and making props to wear. We also...

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