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Ashton 2 - The little red hen

This week in Ashton 2 we recieved a letter from the Little Red Hen. She asked us to help her read and order instructions for making bread. Afterwards we followed the instructions ourselves to make our own bread. It was very yummy and we did a fantastic job!

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Ashton 2 - Keeping Harehills tidy

On Friday Ashton 2 did their part in helping to keep our community tidy. The children did an excellent job of cleaning up the streets! It was a chilly day but our class were very dedicated to this great cause. Well done everyone!

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Ashton 2 - Christmas is coming

We are having a very busy but fun half term in Ashton 2! The children had a special visit from Yorkshire Ballet and the children enjoyed acting out the story of Goldilocks & the Three Bears using various movements. We have also been busy preparing for our christmas activities. We have our performance this week and have been practising our songs and actions and making props to wear. We also...

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Ashton 2 - Settling in

All the children are settling in well in Ashton 2. We have been learning the new rules and routines and making new friends. This term we are going to be learning about Autumn and Ourselves. This week we have been talking about different places to live and who lives with us. The children are also very excited for our upcoming trip to Rounday Park and keep asking me every day if today is the day...

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Ashton 2 - The Giants are coming!!!

Ashton 1 and 2 had a suprise on Friday 29th April.

When the children arrived at school they found a giant asleep on the carpet. The children were extremly excited to discuss why the giant may have came to visit us. The teachers found a giant letter that he had written the childrento say that he was getting really upset because he couldnt find anywhere to buy big enough clothes and he was...

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Ashton 2 - Ashton 2 go on a Bear Hunt

This week in our Literacy work we have been learning about the story We're going on a Bear Hunt by Micheal Rosen. To bring our story to life we took the children on a Bear hunt around school. We travelled through the "long wavy grass", through "the deep cold river" and finally found a Bear cave.

The children had a wonderful time hunting for Bears in the environment.

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Ashton 2 - Settling in well

Ashton two have settled into their new classroom fantastically!
Miss Melling and Mrs Cosser are very proud.

Everybody in the class is trying hard everyday to come into school on time and in the correct uniform.

 Correct school uniform photo


The children have enjoyed exploring all of the new and exciting areas within our learning enivornment, look at our children learning through their play.



Look at the...

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Ashton 2 - Bears in Reception

Ashton 2 are learning about Bears.


The children of Ashton 2 are very excited. This half term we are learning all about Bears.

  • In week 1 we learnt about real bears: where they live, what they eat and the different types of bears that exist in the world.
  • In weeks 2, 3 and 4 we are going to be learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • In week 5 and 6 we will be hunting for...
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Ashton 2 - Ashton 2 Bonfire Fun

This week in Reception we are learning all about Bonfire Night.

In our Number work we are counting firework pictures and finding out what 1 less would be.

In our Literacy work we are exploring Bonfire safety, we are using instructions to help remember how to keep safe, we are also following instructions to make chocolate sparklers which are yummy. If you would like to make your own chocolate...

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Ashton 2 - Ashton classes are busy baking

This week in Ashton 1,2 and 3 we have been making hard tack biscuits as a part of our new Pirates topic.

The children were able to listen carefully, read and then follow simple instructions, to create a real pirate treat.

Once the biscuits were made the children had the chance to taste them, here are some of the things they said:


' nice'


'Its amazing but it needs more...

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