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Our Autumn adventures.

Ashton 1 have been very busy this half term. Last week we read the story ‘we’re going on a leaf hunt.’ We learnt about the title, author, illustrator and the characters. In the story, the characters went on a leaf hunt and collected leaves of different colours, shapes and sizes. After reading the story we were keen to go on our own leaf hunt! We were excited to find that the leaves on the trees outside were turning brown, orange, red and gold. We also talked about the other changes we were noticing. Some children were beginning to notice that it is getting colder now and it is staying darker for longer in the morning and getting darker earlier in the evening. After learning all about the changes we can see, the children would like to learn more about the animals that are busy during Autumn. Next week we will be learning the story ‘squirrels Autumn search.’ We can’t wait to learn more about Autumn in the next few weeks!


 ‘I found some old, brown, crunchy leaves!’



‘This leaf is like the one in the story’