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Ashton 1 - Our Autumn adventures.

Ashton 1 have been very busy this half term. Last week we read the story ‘we’re going on a leaf hunt.’ We learnt about the title, author, illustrator and the characters. In the story, the characters went on a leaf hunt and collected leaves of different colours, shapes and sizes. After reading the story we were keen to go on our own leaf hunt! We were excited to find that the leaves on the...

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Ashton 1 - An exciting week!

Someone new has arrived in our classroom this week... Lola the bear!


We had ordered Lola from the bear factory a week ago and we waited excitedly to recieve her! Now that Lola is here we use her along with our topic for this term 'bears.' we are also encouraging the children to use Lola the bear as a stimulous for writing in the classroom. We have written letters to her and drawn...

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Ashton 1 - Welcome to Ashton 1!

We have had a fantastic first few weeks in Reception and I am very proud of how quickly everybody has settled in.

Last week we were exploring our outdoor area and seeing what autumn objects we can discover! Everybody was excited to find fallen leaves which had turned red, gold and yellow. We have also been using trowls and forks to dig in our vegetable patch and have begun to harvest potatoes...

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Ashton 1 - This Half Term

We've been busy as ever this half term and we've had to pack a lot into such a short amount of time! Our theme over the last five weeks has been 'Pirates' and the children have well and truly got on board (if you'll excuse the pun!). Our pirate ship in the classroom has been a hit, as was the pirate cave that we had for the first two weeks. The pirates have inspired us to follow and draw...

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Ashton 1 - This Half Term in Ashton 1

Happy New Year to everyone! It's nice to have the children back in, excited and ready to learn all about bears! All of the Reception classes are lucky enough to have lots of things going on this term, from our special "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" performance on our first Friday back, to our special Teddy Bear's Picnic that we're going to have on Monday 2nd February.

To fit in with our...

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Ashton 1 - A busy term

Well this term certainly has been a jam-packed one and there have been lots of exciting things going on in the Ashton classes. We've celebrated Eid, Bonfire Night, Divali, and of course the approach of Christmas; We've been to Roundhay Park and visited Shine for our very own performance of The Princess and The Pea; We've read countless stories from "Handa's Surprise" to "The Enormous Turnip" and...

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Ashton 1 - Fantastic Attendance!

In Harehills Primary we have been pushing to improve our attendence across the school and while that is easy to explain to our older pupils, some of the younger children don't quite grasp the importance of coming to school every day. However, having said that, the children in Ashton 1 have had brilliant attendance all half-term. I'm very happy, and proud, to say that we've had the highest...

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Ashton 1 - Goldilocks comes to Harehills!

Bears is our new topic.

The children were fascinated to learn about real bears last week and have now moved onto fictional stories about bears. To introduce the topic the children were treated to a unique performance of "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears" (by Reception Staff). The children will continue with the 'talk for writing' work to encourage them to re-tell the story using actions.


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Ashton 1 - Turnip Soup and Fruit Salad!

Our learning last week on 'The Enormous Turnip' culminated in making turnip soup on Friday. The children loved this experience and got to taste the soup at the end. This experience helped the children to follow instructions and we used actions to help re-inforce the learning.


This week we are learning about the story 'Handa's Suprise' and the children are making fruit salad. They are...

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