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Here are the latest blogs from our classes. Please click on a blue blog title to see the full entry.

Luxor 2 - Year 5 Skateboarding

Year 5 have skateboarded their way into our new theme:

Are you too cool for school?

The children were welcomed back with an exciting session of skateboarding!

They had lots of fun learning new skills and showing excellent resilience!

You can see more photo in our Gallery

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Luxor 3 - Greek tragedy

This week we have had red nose day and we dressed up and also raised fifty pence for charity.

During maths we have been learning on simplifying fractions.

Part of our science we have been learning about life cycles and we are going to a trip called tropical world .

In theme we have been working on the greek tragedy called Orpheus and Eurydice.

In ICT we have been working on tally charts of...

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Nursery - Animals in Spring 2

This half term in Nursery, we have been learning all about different animals.

We have shared photographs of our own experiences with animals. Thank you to the parents for sending these in- We have used these to create our wonderful display, which has been a good talking point for the children.

The children have enjoyed exploring and dressing up as animals.


We have also used lots of...

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Luxor 2 - The Groovy Greeks

This term we have a new topic, we are learning about ancient Greece. We've learnt about different Gods and Goddesses. There's Zeus God of thunder and lightning and his wife Hera, Aphrodite - goddess of love, Hades - god of the underworld, Posiedon - God of the sea and lots more. We really enjoyed watching the teachers acting out a play as Greek gods and goddesses. We've also been learning...

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Ashton 3 - Making bread

Ashton 3 are learning all about farm animals this half term and whilst reading the 'Little Red Hen' we made bread.

We put the yeast in and watched it rise when it was left next to the radiator.

We are learning all about number 9 in maths and are doubling it, ordering numbers to nine, making in nine in lots of different ways and learning about 3D shapes.

The children are thoroughly...

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Luxor 1 - Groovy Greeks

When we came from the holidays our teachers did a play of gods and goddesses which was amazing! The amazing part was their acting skills especially when Zeus and Hera were arguing. Did you know that we also learnt about where Greece is located and we wrote a persuasive text so people could come and visit Greece. Why don't you come? Also we painted a picture of Greece.

Today is World Book and...

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Luxor 3 - Aphrodite's Broken Hearts

This week started off by watching a fun TV show performed by the teachers all about our new topic Were the Greeks groovy? Zeus was played by Mrs Mcmullen and Hera was played by Mrs Flemming. I loved the way Zeus was showing off and Hera started to get really jealous because Zeus had many wives and children.

Another fact we learnt was that Zeus and Hera were brother and sister! The ancient...

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Luxor 3 - Abbey House trip

Last Thursday we visited White Abbey House Museum, linked to our detective-themed topic, Can you crack the case? We solved our own murder mystery,piecing together clues to figure out who committed the murder. Also we found out what type of fingerprints we all have, using, special ink pads trying to find if we have an Arch, a Loop, a Whorl or Mixed figure. Today, we did an experiment using...

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Luxor 2 - New Year new case to solve

When we came back to school in 2019 we had been shown a court case, it was really exciting it was about a robbery that had happened at Lloyds bank on February 8th

on Harehills lane. Different teachers played the parts of the witnesses everyone started laughing when Miss Scarlet came in because she wasn't focussing.

She was putting on lipstick, looking into her handbag and going on her phone...

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