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Here are the latest blogs from our classes. Please click on a blue blog title to see the full entry.

Luxor 3 - Abbey House trip

Last Thursday we visited White Abbey House Museum, linked to our detective-themed topic, Can you crack the case? We solved our own murder mystery,piecing together clues to figure out who committed the murder. Also we found out what type of fingerprints we all have, using, special ink pads trying to find if we have an Arch, a Loop, a Whorl or Mixed figure. Today, we did an experiment using...

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Luxor 2 - New Year new case to solve

When we came back to school in 2019 we had been shown a court case, it was really exciting it was about a robbery that had happened at Lloyds bank on February 8th

on Harehills lane. Different teachers played the parts of the witnesses everyone started laughing when Miss Scarlet came in because she wasn't focussing.

She was putting on lipstick, looking into her handbag and going on her phone...

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Nursery - Christmas Crafts

Today we had a fun filled morning of Christmas crafts in Nursery. Our Parents came in to engage in lots of different activities with the children such as biscuit decorating, clay ornaments, card making and paper chain crafts.



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Luxor 1 - Glitter Galactic disco

Last week on Thursday we had a great time at the glitter galatic disco. We did the disco to celebrate our space topic. The disco was in the evening. Everyone came  in their party clothes and we had face painting. It was an amazing time!

This week year 2 performed the christmas nativity. They sang loads of christmas songs and they told us we can join in if we want to.

In theme we have been...

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Luxor 3 - The Sparkling week

On Monday we wore sparkling cloths to raise money for the NSPCC and we also had all lot of fun.

On Monday afternoon our very own celebrity teacher aka - Mr Kerr lit up our school christmas tree and entertained the children by singng the song "I wish it could be christmas every day".

This everning we are haveing year 5 Glitter Galactic disco to celerbrate our space topic.

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Luxor 3 - Super Space

It has been another amazing term. We started by having Odd Sock Day,we had many interesting choices. We had Odd Sock Day to raise awarness about anti-bullying. Also, our theme for anti-bullying week was choose respect. Our new topic in theme is all about space. Today we're having a fun day all about space and we are going to the mobile Planetarium.

An interesting fact about space is that,...

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Luxor 1 - An amazing half term back!

This half term we had a VE day party just like Britain would have done in world war two. Then we were introduced to our new topic about space. So far we have learnt about galaxies, stars, constellations, nebulas and solar systems.

Did you know that on Jupiter there is a red spot which is a storm that has been going on for three hundred years.


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Luxor 2 - spectacular space

 Are we alone?


This term we are learning about space!

In our classroom we have acted out we were in a rocket ready to lift off into space. It was a fantastic experience.


As well as that Luxor 2 had on tuesday about bonfire and firework safety!


Also on the 11th month, the 11th day at 11:00 it is remaberance day so we have to be queit and remember how many people died in... Read More

Elford 3 - Elford 3 – The Amazing Rainforest

The students in Elford 3 had an amazing first half-term! They worked extremely hard and have adjusted to all the writing and independent work in Year 4!

The rainforest topic was a lot of fun! The students seemed most excited about the animals that lived there, especially the dangerous ones! Overtime the students seemed to understand how important all living things (including plants) are in...

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Luxor 2 - V E Day celebrations!

 This week we have had an opportunity to cook some World War 2 food. First we had Apply desert that tasted absolutely horrible. Next we have had the chance to create our very own Air raid shelters! We still haven't had the chance to test them out yet.We had the chance of a very special visiter to come over her name was Mrs Ford, she was an evacuee and came to talk to us about how life was in...

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