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Here are the latest blogs from our classes. Please click on a blue blog title to see the full entry.

Elford 3 - Our learning this term

This term has been amazing!

As part of our theme, we learnt about natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.

The devastating earthquake that struck Harehills was a horrible experience for those who were in the building at the time. As part of our writing, we wrote a newspaper report about the horrible incident that occurred at the time.

We also had the chance to make...

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Elford 1 - Exciting Electricity!

Elford1 Elford 1

This half term in Science, we have been learning about electricity. We used lemons to see if a light bulb would light up and the lemon could work as a battery but the bulb didn’t light up. 

Electricity can be dangerous and we have been looking at dangerous electricity at home.  We even put salt and water in a little tub to see whether the electricity would flow through the water. It did!...

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Conway 2 - Owl Visitors In Year 2

Last half term, Year 2 had an exciting visit from some owls.  This was as part of our "Into the Woods" theme. 

Barn Owl

Jane showed us the boxes with the owls in them and we could hear them screeching inside the box.  Did you know, the only owl that makes the "twit-two" noise is the tawny owl?  One says twit and the other says twoo.  She then took the owls out, one by one for us to look at.  We had...

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Conway 3 - Who Lives in the Woods?

In year 2, our theme this term, has been; Who Lives in the Woods? We have been learning all about the woods, animals and their habitats, identify different types of mini beasts and reading stories with a woodlands theme, such as The Gruffalo.

As part of our learning, we went on an adventure to Gledhow Valley Woods! We were on the hunt for mini beasts, woodland animals and maybe The... Read More

Nursery - Autumn 1 in Nursery




We are really pleased with how well our new Nursery children have settled in.

We have been learning about our routines in Nursery, our new friends and teachers.

This week we have been learning all about number 1 and the children have really enjoyed singing our favourite song, 'one little finger', and going on number hunts around the classroom.

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Conway 1 - Trip to the Jurassic Kingdom

This week Year 2 have had an exciting opportunity to visit the Jurassic Kingdom exhibition at Temple Newsam. The visit included electronic dinosaurs, an archelogical dig and informative video. It was the perfect kickstart to our new topic next half term 'Into the Jurassic Forest'.

The children loved it and couldn't believe their eyes. It was a magical experience!

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Ashton 2 - Update from Ashton 2

We started off well this week in Ashton 2 as we won the best class attendance award with 99%! Let's hope we keep up the good work and come to school every day!

This week in Maths we have been learning about patterns. The children then created some of their own repeated patterns using objects in our environment.

We have also been bery busy digging up carrots from our planter boxes. The...

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Bexley 3 - Bexley 3 Outdoor Learning

In year 1 we love to learn outside. We learn with curiosity and excitement and movement.

We learn about numbers and letters and stories using all our senses and all of our bodies. We have been learning to write and recognise our numbers to 20.

We have been learning all about our bodies and how to stay healthy.



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Bexley 2 - Our first half term as Year 1

We have had a really busy six weeks in school so far. Once we got settled into our new class, we began showing off the skills we had learnt in Ashton 2. We enjoyed playing with different toys and reading different books. Then, the real hard work started...

We began our life as Year 1 by learning things about our bodies. We knew lots already but we learnt even more! We were really good at...

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Darfield 1 - Darfield 1

Blog pic 1

It has been an exciting start to the year in Darfield 1. This half term we have been learning all about Prehistoric man. We have been learning how they lived and found food. We explored how they made stone tools and even had a go at making our own. We also learned how life changed in the Bronze Age when people discovered how to make bronze and farm. As part of this we designed and made our...

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