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Here are the latest blogs from our classes. Please click on a blue blog title to see the full entry.

Luxor 1 - An amazing first half term

This week we had an amazing celebration for Hello Yellow day!We dressed up in yellow for a mental health charity.Our teachers even put ribbons on our hair.Also we wrote a setting description about a story we have been reading.It was exiting because we used alot of vocab!Our class did lovely paintings of buildings during the Blitz.It was amazing because we used different... Read More

Ashton 1 - Settling into Ashton 1

We have had a busy half term in Ashton 1. Together we have been learning about each other and exploring our classroom both inside and out. It has been lovely to meet and work with all our new children, Just look at the photographs to see how much fun we have had already! We can't wait to see what adventures we have this year.


Miss Trafford

Class Teacher Ashton 1


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Ashton 2 - Our first half term in Ashton 2

Miss Melling is so proud of the children in Ashton 2! They have all settled into their new routines exceptionally well. 

A HUGE thank you to all of the Ashton 2 parents for wokring with us during your childs transition into school.


This week we began story scribing with the children and Miss Melling and Mr Henry are so impressed with the stories the children have been able to...

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Luxor 3 - friend or foe

This week I have been:

adding and subtracting decimals in maths

more work about the story friend or foe and I really enjoyed it.

We also celebrated hello yello day for charity to raise awareness for mental heath.

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Luxor 2 - Hello Yello

This week in maths we have been learning about decimals.We have also been learning about collum adition.

Today in guided reading we have benn doing anatations and finding out the meaning of words.

This week we have been celabrating #HELLO YELLOW which is about mental health awareness. All of the children and staff wore yellow.


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Ashton 3 - Settling in to Ashton 3

The children are settling in to Ashton 3 very well and had a lovely time at Roundhay Park. They loved exploring the plants and wildlife. In class they are busy with phonics and now know lots of sounds. We are beginning to blend the sounds to read! In maths we have learnt all about number 1 and number 2. The children are eager to learn and are impressing staff with thier knowledge and...

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Nursery - Settling in

The children are settling in well in Nursery. They have been enjoying making friend's and exploring their new environment. We have been learning about the rules and routines at school. Our topic this term is 'ourselves and our families.' The children have loved making mini-me art of themselves and painting pictures of their homes. Thank you to all the parents who have sent us family photos of...

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Luxor 2 - Back to school!

In luxor 2 we have been on a trip to eden camp it was amaizing. we all learnt new intresting facts .In year 5 Our theme is about World War 2 it started with a BOOM! All of a sudden the siren went of whilst we were reading our books. An air raid warden came into our class and brang gas masks.We acted like real World War 2 children. People have been bringing in extra homework to show how much...

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Luxor 3 - First term back in school

During year 5 we have gone to Eden camp where we watched a Puppet show and we got sprayed by water. Mrs Boyd got a shock when the puppets sprayed water at her! This year started with a bang, whilst we were silently reading, the air raid siren went off, panicking we hid under the table and covered our heads.

We have also done mini me yoga and in maths we were secret agents for the day.

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Luxor 1 - First term back

Trip to Eden camp - We learnt all about the holocost and much more. This year started with a bang. On the first day an alarm went off and an air raid warden came into our room. We acted like real world war two children. We learnt about air raids and we wrote a recount about that day.

In maths we learnt about number and place value, rounding, column method and much more. We have also been...

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