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At Harehills Primary we know the impact good attendance and punctuality has on our children’s learning, and we have many initiatives to support and celebrate attendance and punctuality to ensure it remains a high profile in school with our staff, children and their families.


Our attendance figures are continually improving over time when compared to the same period last year for both the whole school and for individual classes. This is as a result of consistently high expectations and rigour in monitoring and promoting good attendance right across school, and through swift and effective action to support and challenge poor attendance.


Attendance Summary 2016-2017 

Attendance Overtime

Attendance Persistent Absentees

‘Reach for the stars’

Harehills Primary School encourages all pupils to achieve 100% attendance.

Our whole school attendance target is 96%


Weekly Attendance Figures

Very Happy Star! 96 - 100% Good
Happy Star! 92.5 - 95.9% Could be better
Neutral Star. 90 - 92.4% Needs improving
Unhappy Star! below 90% Poor attendance


Weekly Class Attendance. Mon 10th to Fri 14th December 2018

Very Happy Star! 98.7% Bexley 3 and Darfield 1
Very Happy Star! 98% Ashton 2
Very Happy Star! 97.3% Darfield 3 and Luxor 2
Very Happy Star! 97.2% Conway 2
Very Happy Star! 97.1% Luxor 3
Very Happy Star! 97% Elford 1
Very Happy Star! 96.7% Bexley 1 and Darfield 2
Happy Star! 95.9% Luxor 1
Happy Star! 95% Sandhurst 3
Happy Star! 94.8% Conway 3 and Elford 2 and Sandhurst 2
Happy Star! 94.5% Ashton 1
Happy Star! 94% Elford 3
Happy Star! 93.2% Ashton 3 and Sandhurst 1
Happy Star! 92.7% Bexley 2
Neutral Star. 90.7% Conway 1