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Attendance and Admissions

Weekly Class Attendance. Mon 19th to Fri 23rd November 2018

Very Happy Star! 100% Sandhurst 3
Very Happy Star! 99.3% Sandhurst 2 and Elford 2
Very Happy Star! 98.7% Sandhurst 1 and Luxor 2
Very Happy Star! 98.2% Darfield 1
Very Happy Star! 98.1% Elford 1
Very Happy Star! 98% Bexley 3
Very Happy Star! 97.9% Darfield 3 and Luxor 3
Very Happy Star! 97.2% Conway 3
Very Happy Star! 97.1% Luxor 1
Very Happy Star! 96.9% Ashton 1
Very Happy Star! 96% Conway 2
Happy Star! 95.7% Darfield 2
Happy Star! 95.3% Elford 3
Happy Star! 95% Ashton 2
Happy Star! 94.7% Bexley 2
Happy Star! 94.3% Conway 1
Neutral Star. 91.3% Bexley 1
Unhappy Star! 89.5% Ashton 3


‘Reach for the stars’

Harehills Primary School encourages all pupils to achieve 100% attendance.

Very Happy Star! 96 - 100% Good
Happy Star! 92.5 - 95.9% Could be better
Neutral Star. 90 - 92.4% Needs improving
Unhappy Star! below 90% Poor attendance


If your child has a medical appointment or is considered too ill to attend school due to a minor illness you must contact the school first thing in the morning, before 9:30am, informing them of the reason for the absence and how long you expect them to be absent. For more information, please refer to the guidence for parents leaflet.

Holidays in term time

There has been a legislation change on attendance which means holidays can not be taken in term time across England.

From 1 September 2013, schools are no longer allowed to authorise any requests for children to be taken out of school for a holiday during term time.

For more information, please click here to see the letter from the Education Authority.

Weekly class attendance figures are shown here so you can see how well each class is doing at coming to school every day.




Parents considering applying to the school are welcome to come and look around. Please contact the school to make an appointment.

By law, a child does not have to start full-time education until the beginning of the school term following his or her fifth birthday.

At Harehills Primary School we admit children into the Foundation Stage on a staggered basis over a 3-week period in September. Admission into Foundation 2 (Reception) is handled by Leeds City Council Schools Admissions but we can support you with the process.

If you want a place for a child in Year 1-6 you are able to approach the school directly as we are now responsible for our own Admissions. If we have a place available we will be able to admit your child as soon as possible.

Once our admission limit for these year groups has been reached we will refer you to the local authority and they will help you to secure a place in a local school


Children who attend our Nursery are not automatically allocated a place within this school. 

Our school does not deal with transfer to High Schools but we are happy to support you with the process


For more information about applying for a school place, please see the website.