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Attendance - Rewards

Promoting and Celebrating Good Attendance and Punctuality

At Harehills Primary we understand the impact good attendance and punctuality has on our children’s learning and we believe in rewarding good attendance and punctuality to engage and motivate our children. We have many initiatives to support and celebrate attendance and punctuality so that it remains a high profile in school and with our families.


To support good attendance and punctuality:

The Attendance and Admissions Manager, Deputy Headteacher, School Business Manager, Inclusion Leader and Key Phase Learning Mentors make up our a strategic Attendance Team.

  • Weekly Attendance Team meeting.
  • Each Key Phase has a Learning Mentor who works closely with children and families to support and encourage good attendance and punctuality.
  • Learning Mentors deliver weekly attendance groups to identified children in school who need support with improving their attendance/punctuality. The groups complete activities around our Harehills Primary ‘Attendance Promises’ with the aim of improving the children’s attendance over time.
  • Each year group has a thematic attendance board which is updated weekly with each class’s attendance and shows their achievement overtime.
  • Mr Ali holds a half termly celebration of good attendance in a whole school assembly. Each child with 100% attendance at the end of every half term will receive 100% attendance certificate and prizes.
  • Class attendance is shared on the half termly school newsletter
  • Weekly attendance data for every class is displayed on our website.
  • All classroom doors have an Attendance poster called ‘the Scores on the Doors’ which is updated weekly with the class’s attendance.
  • For those children who require support on an individual basis, a bespoke reward system is in place.


To reward and celebrate good attendance and punctuality:

  • Every week each Key Phase holds a celebration assembly to award the Attendance trophy and certificate to the class with the best attendance.
  • At the end of each term, the class with the best attendance in upper Key Stage 2 and in Lower Key Stage 2 win a bowling trip. The class with the best attendance in EYFS and in Key Stage 1 win a bouncy castle party.
  • At the end of the year, every child who has achieved 100% attendance is awarded a 100% medal. Their name is also put into a prize draw to win a special prize such as a family cinema trip, a scooter, etc.
  • We run an 'Every Day Counts’ competition at key times throughout the year, any child who achieves 100% attendance during the ‘Everyday Counts’ period wins a 100% badge or pencil.
  • 'Early Bird' is run once a week on a random day, children who arrive on time go into a prize draw for a certificate and a spot prize from the AHT at the end of the school day.