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Harehills Primary School is a diverse and inclusive learning community working with children and families to build a bright future for all.


Hello, we are happy you have visited our website. We hope you will get a clear insight into what it is like to learn, laugh, love in our wonderful school.

Being part of the Harehills Primary School Family is something very special and we would welcome anyone who would like to visit and find out more about us.

Jo Summerfield (Headteacher) and the Harehills Primary School team.

Spiritual Moral Social Cultural

Quote of the day.
“It isn't where you came from. It's where you're going that counts.”
Ella Fitzgerald

Special Festivals and Celebrationns:
St David's Day - Christian

Latest News

Remote Learning Packs Feedback

Now we are few weeks in to distributing learning packs, we've been getting lots of great feedback from parents and so thought it would be nice to share some...

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Covid-19 Online Safety Leaflet

With many of our children currently off school and staying home due to COVID 19 the potential for online exploitation will be at its highest.


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